Simply Fosh

C/ de la Missió, 7A 07003 Palma de MallorcaMapa
Precio medio 31 €
8,9 /10
236 opiniones

Sobre el restaurante Simply Fosh

En un impactante edificio del siglo XVII integrado en pleno casco antiguo de Palma, puedes encontrar el restaurante Simply Fosh del Hotel Convent de la Missió. La propuesta contemporánea y elegante del laureado chef Marc Fosh y de su conocido jefe de cocina Marcel Ress.

Su cocina mediterránea de toques ligeros y modernos presta especial atención a los sabores limpios basados en productos de temporada. La rotación de platos siempre te dará gratas sorpresas, pero algunas de las cuidadas propuestas que puedes probar son el Gazpacho de remolacha con bacalao y gelatina de manzana verde-vodka; la Lubina con escalivada, aceite de albahaca y espuma tibia de patata-azafrán; o terminar con una tentadora Crema de limón en salmuera con "dukkha" y sorbete de cereza-agua de rosas.

Sumérgete los menús degustación, que representan el estilo de cocina y filosofía del chef fielmente, en su agradable salón o amplia terraza y disfruta de una atención profesional que transforma la experiencia Simpli Fosh en un espacio imprescindible en la capital mallorquina.

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31 €
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Comidas: de 13:00 a 15:30 (excepto domingos)
Cenas: de 19:30 a 22:00 (excepto domingos)


8,9 /10
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236 opiniones
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 11/02/2016
Wow. It was a visit because of my husbands birthday and it was perfect. We became to know Mr. Fosh, who is really a "nice guy" and his wife, who is a very warm and friendly person. She immediately recognized the birthday of my husband, had reserved the very best table between the palms and made us feel very welcome. Thanx a lot! The service was also perfect. A big thank you to the ladies! Very polite and friendly with a fine humour
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 02/01/2016
Absolute to reccomand.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 9,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 19/12/2015
Fantastica experiencia. Probamos el menú degustación y salimos muy satisfechos con la experiencia. Recomendable para ocasiones especiales.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 9 /10
Fecha de la comida : 09/11/2015
Deliciosos platos y postres ESPECTACULARES. Lo único cuestionable es el tamaño de las raciones, por lo demás, perfecto.
Explorador/a (2 opiniones) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 05/11/2015
Simply the best! Trank you! Danke für den wundervollen Abend mit sehr guter Küche! Das Degustationsmenue vom Feinsten, der Service von Angel Enrique unserem cubanischen Restaurantfachmann unterhaltsam und voller Freude! Wir kommen bald wieder!
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 6,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 28/10/2015
Excellent food in tasting menu but no a la carte option. We arrived half an hour early, which seemed to cause difficulties for the staff and ended up having drinks in a bar area devoid of atmosphere. Also slightly surprised that both of the (local) wines we selected were out of stock; there was no mention of this when we were offered the wine list.
Explorador/a (3 opiniones) 7,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 19/10/2015
Par rapport à nos visites précédentes nous avons été déçus .. par les saveurs en général et l'originalité . La serveuse ne savait plus ce qu'elle nous présentait et le garçon a dû regarder ses notes en poche ! Agréable tout de même !
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 9 /10
Fecha de la comida : 19/10/2015
The food was delicious and reasonable. No frills, no extras or amuse bouche though unless you count bread. Our booking was made for a time towards end of lunch service although a later slot was still available on website. We were asked to order almost immediately on arrival and lunch felt rushed as a consequence. Dessert was weakest course although still good. We were last to leave and were ignored by staff on exiting. No one asked if we enjoyed our meal.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 12/09/2015
Explorador/a (4 opiniones) 8 /10
Fecha de la comida : 11/09/2015
Il y a 5 ans j'avais donné 10/10 à Simply Fosh
Si on doit finir un menu avec vins de plus de 110 € avec un espresso accompagné d'une corbeille de 4 sucres différents ( alorsque un habitué du bon café le boit noir ) c 'est plus que triste .
Explorador/a (4 opiniones) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 11/09/2015
We had the daily menu. Excellent food, small dishes but really worth it!
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 07/09/2015
A great dinning experience ,a must for food lovers ,top class ,a big thank you to everyone,good luck for the future to you all .
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 5,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 12/08/2015
The Service was exzellent but the Food was cold and boring
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 7 /10
Fecha de la comida : 10/08/2015
Marc Fosh has some catching up to do with other star chefs in the world. We always notice that the presentation, cooking and service quality suffers when chefs believe that they just need to come a few times a month to their restaurants for checking their quality. It's good that the pricing is not so painful for what we experienced. Overall I would give the restaurant a medium rating (not considering the typical inflation in such reviews). Is it worth it to go? I think it depends what you experienced before in your culinary life.
Explorador/a (3 opiniones) 9 /10
Fecha de la comida : 06/08/2015
Very well and creative culinary creations.
So good that we booked for dinner menu during lunch.
Very cool location and atmosphere as well.
The bar is superb, spacious and well decorated.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 02/08/2015
Our booking was for Sunday Lunch, we were given a large table for 8 people in the garden. There was good distance from the other tables and it was a fantastic afternoon. The service was excellent and the food and atmosphere were also excellent. The time flew, very child friendly, asking for the children's orders first. No time pressure on ordering or eating. Can only recommend as there is not much going in in Palma on Sundays afternoon.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 7,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 24/07/2015
we love marc fosh menues, but the dessert was disappointing. The rest was much much better....
Explorador/a (2 opiniones) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 21/07/2015
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 4,5 /10
Fecha de la comida : 18/07/2015
zucchini salad poor with a few l chunks on the white plate with decorations. looked like it had been prepared by a young student in his first cookery class. Guinea fowl replaced (for whatever reason only known to the kitchen) by a piece of suckling pig plum sauce remained. Pink foam looked like deflated soap suds badly done, whole effect unappealing and tired. One of the two dessert selections was red fruit tart which was a poor choice and was a repeat of the idea of plum sauce. It was an unbalanced menu. Upon being seated at our table we were asked if we wanted anything to drink to start and we ordered some water. We were never asked, when we had chosen our dishes, if we would like wine.Recently in the Majorca Daily Bulletin where Marc Fosh has a column there was a recipe for a plum sauce to be served along with duck breast. It was world's better than the one we had at the restaurant thanks to its interesting ingredients. Not a star quality meal.
Aventurero/a (1 opinión) 10 /10
Fecha de la comida : 04/07/2015
Excellent tasting menu. Degustation option with seven courses. Each course very well balanced and beautifully presented. Highlight was wild sea bass with clams but couldn't fault anything. Pudding of three chocolate interpretations was sublime
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