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Selección de panes con ajo
8,75 €

Marinated and grilled chicken satay sticks with oriental salad leaves with a peanut n' chilli dunking dip

Sandwich Popeye
8,95 €

Our very own secret recipe hot sauce with celery, carrots and homemade blue cheese sauce

Truckers Trucker
9,75 €

Retro classic of chilled peeled prawns beneath seafood dressing and crisp iceberg lettuce


17,75 €

Slow cooked big rack of delicious pork baby backs in smokey bbq sauce served with coleslaw, butter corn and fresh fries

Sandwich triple tostie
17,95 €

Chicken or Beef? Marinated tender strips, served sizzling with onions, peppers, warmed tortillas, guacamole and Mexican rice

Pavlova casera
11,25 €

Classic Fatburger all cheesed up!


Sandwich Cookie
6,95 €

Strawberry and Raspberry filled with sweet mascarpone cream

Tarta de chocolate y crema de cacahuete helado
7,5 €

Freshly baked classic American cheesecakes

Pudding toffee
6,95 €

Crunchy chocolate crust with creamy peanut butter filling, glazed with chocolate and topped with warm caramel sauce


Botella de champán
54 €
Copa de champán
6 €
1,5 €
Botella de agua
2,25 €
Botella de vino
14 €
Copa de vino
2,95 €

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