Carta Patiki beach

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Mallorcan amonds
3 €

Toasted and salted in our kitchen

Local sollrec olives
4 €
Pan fried chicken breast with confit lemon mayonnaise
20 €
Seared beef carpaccio
20 €

Crunchy salad of celery, almonds and herbs with ceasar dressing

New Potatoes
7 €

With house herby alioli, homemade chili sauce

Spanish cheese
7 €

Excellent rosemary wrapped Spanish sheep cheese, olive oil & park homemade chili jam

8 €

House salsa verde

Marinated red peppers and oritz anchovies
9 €
Fresh local brossat cheese
8 €

Tngy sage roasted baby tomatoes from the farm

Tomato salad
12 €

A mix of tomatoes from the farm with freshly pickled salad onion

Green salad
6 €

A mix of leaves and herbs from the farm with a simple local lemon and olive oil dressing

Chorizo stew
20 €

Creamy butter beans, crème fraiche, farm herbs

Fish of the day
20 €

Slow cooked buttery courgettes and herby alioli


Garlic rubbed, soleric olive oil, salt
3 €
Mallorcan rubbing toms, soleric olive oil, salt
3 €
Soleric olive oil, patiki homemade chili jam for dipping
3 €
Herby house alioli
4 €
Garlic rubbed, oritz anchovies, house confit lemon, parsley
7 €
House salsa verde, soft boiled egg, parmesan
7 €


6 €

Shot of expresso, solleric vanilla ice cream

Patiki chocolate brownie and vanilla icecream
6 €
Watermelon plate
3 €

Slices of melon, fresh lime, chili, salt

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Botella de champán
80 €
1,5 €
Botella de agua
4 €
Media botella de agua
2 €
Botella de vino
18 €
Copa de vino
3,5 €

Los precios y los platos pueden variar.

Estos precios no tienen aplicada ninguna oferta.

Los precios que aparecen aquí incluyen el IVA.

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