Carta S10 Bar

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Diegoletta maradona
8,3 €

Processed provolone cheese with homemade tomato sauce and garlic.

Scrambled eggs
7,9 €

A classic! With serrano ham or truffled with slices of parmesano cheese.

Los angeles tenders
7,9 €

Pieces of chicken breaded breast with spices, served with sweet chilli sauce and lime sauce.

Angry chips
7,1 €

Frenchfries with the classic spicy tomato sauce.

Mini falafel
6,9 €

8 small chickpea cakes with cilantro and lime sauce.

7,5 €

Of teriyaki chicken.

Tuna tartare
12 €

On a base of avacado.

Premium quality

Tuna tataki
14,1 €

Tuna marinated in sake, ginger, mirin, breaded in sesame with sautéed vegetables.

Serena williams
12,6 €

1/2 ribs with the classic bbq sauce.

Healthy food

Caesar salad
8,6 €

Mixture of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, croutons, roasted chicken, anchovies and caesar sauce.


California falafel cheese burger
9,4 €

With guacamole, lettuce and bacon.

Fernando alonso burger
12,5 €

Caramelized onion, cabrales cheese and lettuce.

Cis burger
12,5 €

With grilled onion, tomato, brie cheese and lettuce.

All-in burger
12,5 €

With cheddar cheese, bacon, onion rings and mustard and pickles sauce.

Caprese falafel
9,4 €

Mozzarella cheese, pesto & tomato.

Yema mengual burger
12,5 €

Beef wrapped in slices of bacon, with onion, tomato, lettuce and egg.

Chicken & sandwich

Salmon sandwich
8,9 €

Bacon, chicken breast, cheese, tomato, lettuce and special sauce in roasted bread.

Ribery burger
9,8 €

Boned ribs with onion rings, bacon and cheddar.


4,5 €

The classic cake of "maria" cookies. With nocilla.

Michael Jordan
4,5 €

Homemade brownie (without walnuts), served hot and with vanilla icecrea.

4,5 €

New york cheesecake with red fruit cream.

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1,4 €
Media botella de agua
1,8 €
Botella de vino
14 €
Copa de vino
2,5 €

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